About Hidden Meadow Farm

Our farm

Hidden Meadow Farm is small family farm, located on the southeast side of Bridgewater, Maine in beautiful Aroostook county. The farms extensive meadows and fields were left to rest for over twenty years before we started to awaken them. With lots of hard work, soil enhancements, crop management, and proper tillage the land has become very productive. Our farm is home to Registered Katahdin Sheep, an Anatolian Shepherd guard dog for the sheep, barn cats, cows, pigs, ducks, free range chickens, and many varieties of naturally grown vegetables.

Our family

Our family originates from southeastern Pa, Berks County, not far from Lancaster county. Since the time that William Penn granted our family a farmstead in the beautiful rolling hills, we have been primarily farming as a family. Over the years our family has branched out into many different occupations. However, we continue to embrace the same values that made our ancestors successful in Berks County, primarily those of hard work, integrity, ingenuity, and the joy of making a living off of the land. Those old values are alive and well here at Hidden Meadow Farm.

We have enjoyed raising our children on the farm just like we were raised years ago in a rural country setting. Our children love to help out in the gardens, or take care of the lambs out in the big meadows. The farm is a labor of love for all of us!

Our way of life

Not only is Hidden Meadow Farm our home, but it is also where we make our living. So that is why we work hard to improve the soil and the land so that it will continue to yield a bountiful harvest in the coming years. Only the finest natural inputs are used to grow our farm fresh produce. We utilize only sustainable and natural farming practices to produce the finest vegetables and meat products.


Our mission

We are glad you are interested in our family farm. To read more about our farm mission statement click the hyperlink. . .


Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes

Make our garden your garden!

We want you to enjoy the freshness of our garden, grown with care in the great outdoors!