Hay Bales For Sale - Wrapped Haylage In Maine

We are currently sold out of hay for 2017 Fall / 2018 Spring Season

Premium Quality Grass / Legume Mixes from Aroostook County

We grow the finest cool season custom grass and legume mixes for our sheep flocks and cattle herd. In addition, some of our forage mixes are sold in the form of wrapped bales.

No synthetic chemicals used to grow this crop

Our grass, clover, and other legumes are grown using quality inputs such as high mag lime, organic chicken litter, and other organic inputs such as aged compost generated on our farm.

How to take delivery of our northern Maine haylage

Delivery of Wrapped 4'x4' Bales can be arranged throughout the State of Maine or pickup on the farm.

For availability, please contact us here. . . Hidden Meadow Farm - Email Contact

Please specify your phone number, address, type, and quantity of desired wrapped bales.

Pricing and shipping on 4'x4' wrapped haylage bales

Our haylage headed down south

We are now shipping tractor trailer loads throughout the state...

Load of Hay

Hay in Yard

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4'x4' Wrapped Haylage Bales

The best quality grass and legume mixes are grown on our farm for production feed for dairy, beef cattle, and our own sheep flocks